Interfacing to Dust.Thang.DK

These pages are meant as an introduction to getting some basic Dust514(tm) data from this system, using defined interfaces.

Dust.Thang.DK exposes its core Dust514 masterdata as JSON data using a REST interface under A primitive API has been defined, that allows any outside party to browse through the data.

Note: If you're looking to browse this data as a human, and not a machine, please visit this page, or other pages under the Equipment tab above.

All interfaces exposed currently are Read-Only, and structured to allow an end-point to browse data from a known starting-point (e.g. a root-node, or ParentType for weapons). Multiple calls will generally be needed to locate an item and extract details about; if an ItemID is already known from a previous session, a single call can be used to load details.

The data presented is limited in scope to what is currently available publicly, such as dropsuits, vehicles and modules. Other masterdata may be added at a later point, or you can have a look at for other systems and solutions.

While the interfaces are offered already to any who would want to use them, they are still under development, and may change at any point. Due to a known issue with all fields being presented as strings, a change in toolkit may occur if this issue is shown to cause problems for first or 3rd parties.