The Stomp-o-Meter™ shows the average meta-level of goods sold in the New Eden market-places.

Meta-levels range from 0 (Militia) to 13 (Offiers' weaponry), and the higher a meta-level, the more powerful the item. Standard gear is mostly levels 1 and 2, advanced/enhanced gear is generally levels 2-7 and prototype/complex is ca levels 4-9.

The Stomp-o-Meter™ assumes that as the average meta-level approaches 5, the general occurance of Prototype and Complex level gear approach 50%.

Only non-basic suits are measured currently
Note: Vehicles have meta-level 0 or 1 for all except Assault Drop Ships
Historical ISK-cost averages
Average cost of items purchased is a separate way to measure Stompiness, and can be seen as a graph over time.