The TryHardinator© will attempt to determine the current Try Hard fitting, based on recent market-trends in the New Eden market-places.

Suggested Dropsuit
High Slot(s)
Low Slot(s)

Warning: The proposed fitting may not be 100% valid, sane, safe or compatible with your current skills. It is merely an amalgation of the currently most-purchased components in DUST514, and as such should probably not be fitted exactly as-proposed.

The TryHardinator© is basing its decision on the following market-statistics, for the last 10 days. Militia, Factional and Aurum equipment are excluded from this listing, for various reasons.

These are updated once-daily, so no need to hit F5/Reload to try and get a different fitting; Instead, select a dropsuit in the Suits chart, to have The TryHardinator© use that as base.

(click different slices to select a specific dropsuit)
High Slots
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